blog 4

Over spring break, I went traveling across the country. It was fun and a unique experience, but I wasn't able to bring my guitar there with me. After a few days, I found that I missed my guitar and the feeling of pressing the frets. As time went on, the callouses on my left hand that were created by the strings started to solidify from the lack of stimulation. It looked really peeled and gross, but I felt kind of weirdly proud of it, because it was a product of all the work that I'd done. It was a sign that I was adapting to the instrument and improving.

Right before I left and right after I arrived back home, I spent a while practicing. Before I had even decided to learn how to play the guitar, I discovered a song called Loud(y) by Lewis Del Mar. The song has the best guitar parts I've ever heard, and I remember thinking "If I could play the guitar, I would play this song for sure." Since I've come back from break, I've learned how to play it, and it'…

day 5

I've been getting tired of going by the book, so I started trying to learn songs that I find online. In the past week, I've gone through a handful of chord songs and learned new chords to play them, but I hadn't found an open string song that I wanted to learn and play. Recently, a show called 13 Reasons Why has become very popular, and there is an episode surrounding a certain special song. The only instrument played in the song is a guitar, so I've decided to try and learn it. It's challenging so far, but I think I can learn it with enough practice.

The album cover of the song,The Night We Met by Lord Huron

day 3

The product of my project is five YouTube videos of five different songs. The major steps are to first learn the techniques, learn a song using that technique, then filming that song. So far, I've practiced for 6.5 hours, and I have learned how to play the major chords and two-string open string songs. Before I started my project, I only knew five chords, and didn't know how to play open string. Now, I can even read notes, including sharps, flats, and naturals. I've also found the song that I would like to learn this week. From this, I myself can benefit, because it's a nice way to distract myself and have fun in a productive way. I can spend less time on my phone and more time leaning to do something that I enjoy. This project is worthy of my college apps because it's a hobby that I will learn on my own and dedicate a large portion of my time to.

Study in C by Fernando Sor, one of the pieces I've learned.


Over the course of the next two months, I will be learning how to play the guitar and read notes. Since four days ago, on Sunday, I've been learning the basic chords (strumming multiple strings at a time) and have started playing open string (one string at a time). Because this hobby interests me, and I've only just begun learning, I chose this as my focus for my Genius Project. An obstacle I anticipate is bringing the guitar to school. Since I've been practicing with my Dad's expensive guitar, he probably won't give me permission to bring it to school to practice with. I should come up with a compromise by finding a different guitar to bring, or by promising to take good care of it.

The five basic chords that I have learned in the past week.